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I. Directions: Translate the following words, abbreviations or terminology into their target languages respectively.? (30′)

passenger flow volume:客流量

vicious circle:恶性循环

tip-top talent:拔尖人才

money worship:拜金主义

direct deal:直接交易

reserve fund:储备基金;准备金

visual translation:视译

drag racing:飙车

industrial bank:兴业银行

diversified development:多元化发展;多样化发展

interest-free loan:无息贷款

dietary fiber:膳食纤维;食用纤维

accident assessment:事故鉴定

back-in-time novel:穿越小说

all-directional diplomacy:全方位外交

抗美援朝战争:the war to resist U. S. aggression and aid Korea

滥用权力:abuse of power

论文答辩:Thesis Defense; Dissertation Defense

农村电网改进:upgrade rural power grid

偏方:folk prescription

司仪:master of ceremonies

居委会:neighborhood committee;residents’ committee


交通银行:the Bank of Communications

植被造林:tree-planting and forestation

行政审批制度:administrative approval system

畜牧业:animal husbandry

家园恢复重建: home rebuilding; rebuild homes


老少边穷地区: the former revolutionary base areas, ethnic-minority areas, border areas and impoverished areas

II.Translate the following two source texts into their target language respectively.Source Text 1

Tourism is (represents) a [kind of] popular and pleasant activity that combines sightseeing, recreation and health care. With the passage of time, tourism has been developing. Since the middle of the 20th century, [modern] tourism has been growing at a fast pace around the world. The number of tourists has been rising, the scale of the tourism industry has constantly been expanding, and the importance of tourism in the economy has grown obviously. Tourism acts (serves) gradually as an important bridge for cultural exchange and friendship, and it exerts a steadily broadening influence on daily life (human life) and social progress among [people of various] countries.

The tourist industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in modern times. Indeed, the growth rate of tourism has generally exceeded the growth rate for the worldwide economy. The development of tourism as a mass industry depends on modern means of rapid and inexpensive transportation. For example, the greatest growth in international tourism has paralleled the growth of air transportation.

Tourism benefits not only airlines, hotels, restaurants, and taxi drivers,among others, but also many commercial establishment and even the manufactures of tourist commodities. The tourist industry is not a single entity, but one that consists of many different kinds of enterprises that offer different services to the traveler, including transportation, accommodations, catering, guiding service ,banking,manufacturing and education.

For most people, almost any place can become a tourist destination as long as it is different from the place where the traveler usually lives. New York may not be a tourist attraction to a New Yorker, but for a Londoner it may have many charms.Many big cities also offer a unique atmosphere and history. The Great Wall and the Palace Museum of Beijing and the flower vendors and cable cars of San Francisco are part of the unusual atmosphere of those cities.

Smaller and yet well-known towns and rural areas throughout the world may also have attractions of this kind that tourists visit. An excellent example is the small village town of Stratford, Shakespeare’s birthplace. Of course, natural scenery has always been an attraction for tourists. Millions of people have visited Niagara Falls, for example. Its reputation as a place for a honeymoon resort is world-famous.





对大多数人来说,只要不是自己通常居住的地区,几乎任何一个地方都可以 成为旅游胜地.纽约对纽约人来说也许不是旅游胜地,而对伦敦人来说却不乏魅 力.许多大城市的名胜有一种独特的历史氛围,如北京的长城和故宫,伦敦的白 金汉宫和圣保罗大教堂,游客的确可以在那里感受到一种与众不同的氛围.

世界各地的小城镇和乡村地区也有这类游客趋之若鹜的景点,如被誉为”东 方威尼斯”的中国小村镇周庄便是其中的一个典范.当然,自然风光始终吸引着 游客.例如,尼亚加拉大瀑布每年吸引着数以万计的游客,其”蜜月巢”之美誉 举世皆知。

Source Text 2


二十国集团要继续致力于提高新兴市场国家和发展中国家代表性和发言权,特别是要尽快落实国际货币基金组织[微博]份额和治理改革方案,并按时于2014年1月完成国际货币基金组织份额公式调整和新一轮份额总检查,如期于2015年审议特别提款权货币篮子组成。(选自习主席接受五国媒体联合采访 mtizt.com注)


The G20 Leaders’ Summit will soon take place in St Petersburg. At a time when world economic growth lacks momentum and the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisis goes on unabated, it will be an important meeting among leaders of the world’s major economies. China supports the St Petersburg summit to focus on growth and employment to promote even closer partnerships among G20 members, strengthen their macro-economic policy coordination and jointly usher in a brighter future for the world economy.

The G20 should continue to increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries. In particular, it should speedily implement the quota and governance reform plans for the IMF, complete on time IMF’s quota formula adjustment and the next round of general quotas review by January 2014, and review the basket of currencies for special drawing rights as scheduled for 2015.


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