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Ⅰ. Translate the following terms into Chinese.? ( 15 points, 1 point each )

SC:联合国安全理事会(Security Council)

UNESCO:联合国教科文组织(United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization)

anti-monopoly legislation:反垄断法

genetic engineering:基因工程

to put one’s shoulder to the wheel:一个人经受磨难

to meet one’s waterloo:惨遭滑铁卢

windfall tax:暴利税

summit meeting:峰会;首脑会议

civil servant:公务员

commodity economy:商品经济

gunboat policy:强权政策;炮舰政策

keep pace with the times:与时俱进;跟上时代的步伐

peaceful reunification:和平统一

principle of equality and mutual benefit:平等互利原则

trade barrier:贸易壁垒

Ⅱ. Translate the following terms into English.? ( 15 points, 1 point each )

低碳经济:Low-carbon economy

个人所得税:individual income tax

《红楼梦》:A Dream of Red Mansions

国家主权:state sovereignty ; national sovereignty

居民消费价格指数:Consumer Price Index(CPI)

脱贫: shake off poverty

深化改革:deepen the reform

正能量: positive energy


归化翻译:domesticating translation

音译:transliteration, transliterating

生态旅游:ecotourism;ecological tourism

人民币升值: appreciation of the RMB

金砖四国:BRIC (Brazil,Russia ,India ,and China)

高等教育:Higher education

Ⅲ. Translate the following passage into Chinese. ( 60 points )Test 1

Greening global economic growth is the only way to satisfy the needs of today’s population and up to 9 billion people by 2050, driving development and well-being while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing natural resource productivity. Considerable progress has been made in transitioning to green growth. Global investment in renewable energy in 2011 hit another record: up 17% on 2010 to US$257billion. This represented a six-fold increase from 2004 and was 93% higher than in 2007, the year before the globle financial crisis. Globe agricultural productivity growth rates are exceeding overall population growth rates, and since 1990, more than 2 billioin people have gasined access to improved drinking water sources. Energy efficiency is widely recognized as providing economic opportunities and improved environmental security, while the fuel efficiency of vehicles has more than doubled since the 1970s.(选自 Davos call for $14trn ‘greening’ of global economy? mtizt.com注)


2011年全球对可再生能源的投资再 创新高,比2010年增加17%,总值 高达2570亿美元。

Test 2

BBC staff are being trained in the correct way to report the Queen’s death in a bid to avoid another embarrassing gaffe. The corporation was heavily criticized in the wake of the death of the Queen Mother after veteran Peter Sissons went on air in a grey suit and burgundy tie. The BBC has since changed its policy and reporters will be instructed to wear dark colored suits, with male broadcasters wearing white shirts and black ties as a mark of respect.(选自中国日报手机报 2011-11-01 mtizt.com注)



Ⅳ. Translate the following passage into English.? ( 60 points )

那年,一场变故悄悄潜入我家。先是母亲生病住院,体质本就虚弱的父亲,因为焦虑过度,也随即病倒,父母双双住进了医院。太阳从西边落山,恐惧却从我的心头升起,那年我才十三岁。山村的夜色中,黑幽幽的远山像一副剪纸阴森地贴在窗户的玻璃上,偌大的屋子里,只剩下我和妹妹。山中的狼群,一声接一声凄厉地哀嚎,常常将我和妹妹从梦中惊醒。我们住在一所山村学校,叫喊声未必能让远处的人家听见。忽然,我想起了口哨——母亲上体育课时用的口哨。鼓起胸腔,我拼命地让全部的气流吹出尽可能最大的声响。渐渐地,我听见了家门前由远及近嘈杂的脚步声,大声说话的声音。窗外交织着手电筒的光亮。我听见了乡亲们喊我的名字。开了门,一群人扛着锄头站在我家门前,他们都是我熟悉的乡亲。善良的黑脸,热切的目光,一群人由衷的关爱,驱散了我内心的恐惧。(选自 查一路《声音的温度》 mtizt.com注)


Misfortune sneaked into my family when I was thirteen. First, my mother fell ill and was hospitalized; then my father, in poor health himself, was afflicted with anxiety and worry. Both had to stay in the hospital, leaving my younger sister and me alone at home.

As the sun set in the west, far rose in my heart. In the dim of night the hills beyond the village loomed in a ghostly silhouette on the windows of our spacious room; the shrill howls of wolves often startled us out of our sleep.

Our cries for help were unlikely to reach the villagers, for our home was located in the school some distance away from the village. Suddenly I thought of the whistle my mother used for PE classes. I took out the whistle and, drawing a deep breath, I blew it as loudly as possible. Before long, a bustle of footsteps and voices came nearer and nearer, and flashlight beams crisscrossed outside our windows. Hearing my name called, I went to open the door, and there in front of me stood a group of familiar villagers, each with a hoe on the shoulder. The very sight of their kind, swarthy faces and deeply concerned eyes drove the fear away from my heart. 朱柏桐 译


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