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I. Phrase Translation

小康社会:?a moderately prosperous society

战略性新兴产业:?strategic emerging industries; emerging industries of strategic importance

农超对接:?direct supply of agricultural products from farmers to stores;?Alliance of Agriculture and Supermarkets ?

科学发展观:?Scientific Outlook on Development

联合国开发计划署:?United Nations Development Programme

环境友好型社会:?environment-friendly society

第十一届中国国际交通技术与设备展览会:?The 11th China International Exhibition on Transportation Technology?and equipment

天然历史博物馆:?Natural History Museum

中国加入世界贸易组织十周年高层论坛:?the 10th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation

生态文明:?ecological civilization

人力资源和社会保障部:?Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

文化体制改革:?cultural system reform;?the reform of cultural system;?cultural restructuring

中华人民共和国民办教育促进法:?Non-state Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China

火车实名制: real-name ticketing system;?named ticketing system

社会事业:?social undertaking;?social programs; social enterprise; Social Business

Internet of thing:?物联网

indigenous innovation:?自主创新

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:?联合国气候变化纲要公约

The National Endowment for the Humanities:?美国国家人文研究基金会

Speaker of the House of Commons:英国下议院议长

gross national happiness:国民幸福指数

benchmark interest rate:基准利率

sovereign debt crisis:主权债务危机

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency:气候变化和能源部部长

smart phones:智能手机

industrial overcapacity:产能过剩;产业过剩

self-reference effect:?自我参照效应

Global Positioning System:全球定位系统

Cloud computing:云计算



II. Passage translationSection A English to Chinese

1,?As the UN’s global development network UNDP recognizes that climate change calls for a new development paradigm, one that mainstreams climate change into development planning at all levels, links development policies with the financing of solutions and helps countries move towards less carbon intensive, yet sustainable economies. In 2008, UNDP endorsed a new climate change strategy, which supports the capacity of developing countries to make informed policy and investment decisions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce poverty and accelerate the achievement of the MDGs. The strategy also sets out how UNDP works with UN agencies, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) – consisting of UNDP, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank.

UNDP promotes both climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts since both are essential to meet the climate change challenge. On mitigation, UNDP’s efforts include promoting greater energy efficiency in all sectors and uses, increased utilization of a wide range of renewable energies, increased energy access for the poor, policy reform and capacity development. On the adaptation side, UNDP supports countries as they work to integrate climate risks into national development policy and plans, develop financing options to meet national adaptation costs and share adaptation knowledge and experiences. UNDP’s value-added in preventing and mitigating the effects of climate change lies in its strong presence on the ground in 166 countries in terms of both operational capacity and expertise, including both experts on climate change policy and professionals in project development, a combination that allows UNDP to effectively implement projects at the country level. For example, once the final agreement on the new Kyoto Protocol is made, UNDP will help member countries to apply for and manage funds and technology as they work to fulfill their part in a new global deal on carbon emissions. In fact, UNDP has launched a groundbreaking capacity development initiative that is working with 13 African, Asian and Latin American and Caribbean developing countries to choose three key sectors – for example, energy, agriculture and tourism – in preparation for a national inter-ministerial workshop on national climate actions and the Bali Action Plan. Once these sectors are identified, UNDP will support countries in assessing the magnitude and intensity of national efforts needed to tackle climate change, as well as provide more accurate estimates for the funds needed to implement mitigation and adaptation actions.

As the effects of climate change are increasingly felt in tandem with the effects of the economic crisis, opportunities are arising for real development change. UNDP is developing new partnerships, planning tools, public policies and financial instruments that help transform and create markets that work for people and the environment. By helping to protect forests around the world, UNDP both protects community livelihoods and helps to drive down carbon emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that the cutting down of forests is now contributing close to 20 percent of the overall greenhouse gases that are entering the atmosphere, making the goal of reducing deforestation an urgent and immediate one.

Section B Chinese to English?

2, 9月19日上午,美国通用电气公司与高新区签署设立通用电气西安创新中心协议。西安市委书记孙清云会见美国通用电气首席执行官夏智城兵出席签约仪式。




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