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[C] 。The USPS: Chronic Illness Requires a Quick Cure

[D] 。The Postal Service Needs More than a Band-Aid

Part B


The following paragraphs are given in a wrong order。 For Questions 41-45, you are required to reorganize these paragraphs into a coherent article by choosing from the list A-G and filling them into the numbered boxes。 Paragraphs C and F have been correctly placed。 Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET。 (10 points)

A。 In December of 1869, Congress appointed a commission to select a site and prepare plans and cost estimates for a new State Department Building。 The commission was also to consider possible arrangements for the War and Navy Departments。 To the horror of some who expected a Greek Revival twin of the Treasury Building to be erected on the other side of the White House, the elaborate French Second Empire style design by Alfred Mullett was selected, and construction of a building to house all three departments began in June of 1871。

B。 Completed in 1875, the State Department‘s south wing was the first to be occupied, with its elegant four-story library (completed in 1876), Diplomatic Reception Room, and Secretary’s office decorated with carved wood, Oriental rugs, and stenciled wall patterns。 The Navy Department moved into the east wing in 1879, where elaborate wall and ceiling stenciling and marquetry floors decorated the office of the Secretary。

C。 The State, War, and Navy Building, as it was originally known, housed the three Executive Branch Departments most intimately associated with formulating and conducting the nation‘s foreign policy in the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth century-the period when the United States emerged as an international power。 The building has housed some of the nation’s most significant diplomats and politicians and has been the scene of many historic events。

D。 Many of the most celebrated national figures have participated in historical events that have taken place within the EEOB‘s granite walls。 Theodore and Franklin D。 Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Dwight D。 Eisenhower, Lyndon B。 Johnson, Gerald Ford, and George H。 W。 Bush all had offices in this building before becoming president。 It has housed 16 Secretaries of the Navy, 21 Secretaries of War, and 24 Secretaries of State。 Winston Churchill once walked its corridors and Japanese emissaries met here with Secretary of State Cordell Hull after the bombing of Pearl Harbor。

E。 The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) commands a unique position in both the national history and the architectural heritage of the United States。 Designed by Supervising Architect of the Treasury, Alfred B。 Mullett, it was built from 1871 to 1888 to house the growing staffs of the State, War, and Navy Departments, and is considered one of the best examples of French Second Empire architecture in the country。

F。 Construction took 17 years as the building slowly rose wing by wing。 When the EEOB was finished, it was the largest office building in Washington, with nearly 2 miles of black and white tiled corridors。 Almost all of the interior detail is of cast iron or plaster; the use of wood was minimized to insure fire safety。 Eight monumental curving staircases of granite with over 4,000 individually cast bronze balusters are capped by four skylight domes and two stained glass rotundas。

G。 The history of the EEOB began long before its foundations were laid。 The first executive offices were constructed between 1799 and 1820。 A series of fires (including those set by the British in 1814) and overcrowded conditions led to the construction of the existing Treasury Building。 In 1866, the construction of the North Wing of the Treasury Building necessitated the demolition of the State Department building。

41。 à Cà42。 à 43。 à F à 44 à 45。
Part C


Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese。 Your translation should be written neatly on the ANSWER SHEET。 (10 points)

Shakespeare’s life time was coincident with a period of extraordinary activity and achievement in the drama。 By the date of his birth Europe was witnessing the passing of the religious drama, and the creation of new forms under the incentive of classical tragedy and comedy。 These new forms were at first mainly written by scholars and performed by amateurs, but in England, as everywhere else in western Europe, the growth of a class of professional actors was threatening to make the drama popular, whether it should be new or old, classical or medieval, literary or farcical。 Court, school organizations of amateurs, and the traveling actors were all rivals in supplying a widespread desire for dramatic entertainment; and (47) no boy who went a grammar school could be ignorant that the drama was a form of literature which gave glory to Greece and Rome and might yet bring honor to England。

When Shakespeare was twelve years old, the first public playhouse was built in London。 For a time literature showed no interest in this public stage。 Plays aiming at literary distinction were written for school or court, or for the choir boys of St。 Paul’s and the royal chapel, who, however, gave plays in public as well as at court。(48)but the professional companies prospered in their permanent theaters, and university men with literature ambitions were quick to turn to these theaters as offering a means of livelihood。 By the time Shakespeare was twenty-five, Lyly, Peele, and Greene had made comedies that were at once popular and literary; Kyd had written a tragedy that crowded the pit; and Marlowe had brought poetry and genius to triumph on the common stage - where they had played no part since the death of Euripides。 (49)A native literary drama had been created, its alliance with the public playhouses established, and at least some of its great traditions had been begun。

The development of the Elizabethan drama for the next twenty-five years is of exceptional interest to students of literary history, for in this brief period we may trace the beginning, growth, blossoming, and decay of many kinds of plays, and of many great careers。 We are amazed today at the mere number of plays produced, as well as by the number of dramatists writing at the same time for this London of two hundred thousand inhabitants。 (50)To realize how great was the dramatic activity, we must remember further that hosts of plays have been lost, and that probably there is no author of note whose entire work has survived。

Section III Writing

Part A

51。 Directions:

Write an email to all international experts on campus inviting them to attend the graduation ceremony。 In your email you should include time, place and other relevant information about the ceremony。

You should write about 100 words neatly on the ANSEWER SHEET

Do not use your own name at the end of the email。 Use “Li Ming” instead。 (10 points)

Part B

52。 Directions:

Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the picture below。 In your essay, you should



Section I Use of English

1、[答案][B] for

[解析]此处考察介词的用法。it’s a necessary condition ____ many worthwhile things (信任是一个必要条件_____许多重要事情) 此处应该是说,信任对许多重要事情来说是一个必要条件。B选项for(对。。。来说)符合语义,故为正确答案;A选项from(来自于),C选项like(像。。。),D选项on(关于)语义不恰当,故排除。

2、[答案][C] faith

[解析]此处考察词义辨析和中心一致性原则。第一段首句提出主题句:trust is a tricky business (信任是一个奇怪的东西)。后面进一步对该主题句进行解释说明:On the one hand, it’s a necessary condition ___ for ___ many worthwhile things: child care, friendships, etc。 (一方面,信任对许多重要事情来说是必要条件,比如照看孩子,友谊等),这句话在说信任的好处。On the other hand, putting your ___ in the wrong place often carries a high ____。 (另一方面,把。。。放在错误的地方往往会带来巨大。。。),显然这句话依旧在解释主题词“trust”,只有C选项faith(信任、忠诚)与trust属于近义词复现,故正确答案为[C] faith。

3、[答案][B] price

[解析]此处考察词义辨析。第一段首句提出主题句:trust is a tricky business(信任是一个奇怪的东西)。后面进一步对该主题句进行解释说明:On the one hand, it’s a necessary condition __ for __ many worthwhile things: child care, friendships, etc。 (一方面,信任对许多重要事情来说是必要条件,比如照看孩子,友谊等),这句话在说信任的好处。On the other hand, putting your ___ in the wrong place often carries a high____。 (另一方面,把。。。放在错误的地方往往会带来巨大。。。),显然这句话依旧在解释主题词“trust”,并且根据空格所在句中的关键词“wrong place”,本句应该在说信任不当的弊端,所以空格处应该填入一个负向感情色彩的词,故A选项benefit和D选项hope排除,而C选项debt(债务)带入之后语义不当,故正确答案为[B] price(代价)。

4、[答案][D] Then

[解析]此处考察逻辑关系。上段讲述的是信任的好处和信任不当的弊端。第二段段首提出问题:“_____我们为什么要信任”。只有D选项then(那么)填入后能形成顺畅的语义和逻辑关系。故正确答案为D then(那么)。A选项again(再次)表示强调;B选项instead(但是、然而)表示转折;C选项therefore(因此)表示结果,不符合要求,故排除。

5、[答案][A] When