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班级: 姓名:


Hello,everyone. I,m Li Wei. I,d like to be the class monitor. I am very healthy. I like sports. I often play basketball with my friends at the weekend. I,m in the school dance team and I like singing and dancing. I can dance very well. I can get on well with everyone. I work hard and I,m good at all subjects. I can also speak English well. I promise to help you. So choose me as your class monitor, please!

二、心目中的好同学(注意三单的变化) Tom is my good classmate. He gets on well with everyone. He is kind and he is always ready to help others. He likes sports and he is really good at football and basketball. He usually plays ballgames in the playground between lessons. He works very hard and he does well at school. He is a good student in our class.

三、假期计划(be going to+ V原)

Dear David,

I,m happy the May Day holiday is coming. This is my holiday plan. On Monday morning, I,m going to get up at eight o,clock. At nine o,clock,I,m going to go over lessons. In the afternoon,I,m going to see a film with my parents,and then,I,m going shopping in the supermarket. On Tuesday morning,I,m going to have a picnic with my friends and collect litter. In the afternoon,I,m going to visit a museum with a lot of famous paintings with my parents. And on the last day,I,m going to do my homework, and help my mother do some cleaning at home

I,m looking forword to the May Day holiday.


Li Lin

四、将来的生活(will+ V原)

In the future,I will be a doctor. And I will help people all over the world. Children won,t go to school. They will study at home with the robots. We won,t need money any more,because everything will be free. We will have lots of time to travel. Every family will have a plane. Everyone can go into space.

Life in the future will be interesting.


Nowadays(现在),many people shop online. It,s a new way of shopping. Some students also like shopping online.

Online shopping has some advantages. First,you can buy almost everything at any time. The

shops are always open. Second,online shopping can save a lot of time. You only need a computer and a mouse!You can also compare the prices of the same product,so it can save money.

But online shopping has some disadvantages too. If you buy things online,you can,t see the product or try the clothes on. Also,paying over the Internet isn,t always safe.

Online shopping is changing our way of life. It makes our life easy and convenient(便利的).


Hi,Millie. I,d like to invite you to go to the movies at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. You are new here. So I,m going to tell you the way.

After you come out of your hotel,turn right. Walk straight on until you see a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right. Then go straight on and turn left at the second crossing. You can see a shop on your left. The cinema is just next to the shop. You won,t miss it. Hope to see you there.

Wang Ming







I am honored to stand here and participate in the squad leader 's campaign , and I support everyone's right to express my sincere gratitude. First, let me introduce

myself to you : I am Yu Jia Huang ,I did not poet Li Bai that the " river of water to the sky , rushing to the sea never to return ," the heroic ; nor peerless great man Mao

Zedong that " few heroes , but also look at the present ," the spirit. But inch a director , a short foot , be useful, I have a young as capital , passion to provide power and

ability as a guarantee. I Ganaiganhen, dare to do , I like sincere , disgust intrigue, I am advocating the height and length , despise cowardice and timid, I have great self-esteem , a strong sense of responsibility , a strong team spirit and sense of cooperation .

Childhood , my father once said to me : " do things down to earth , step by step to do

it ." So, I took to HangDian University through this sacred place, and I am hard-won opportunity , you need to cherish it. It is because of this dynamic , when I stand here , I feel more confident.

Of course, just having confidence is not enough, but also have a certain capacity . And nothing will childhood , never to be from bad to good process , that is, by virtue of self-confidence and open-minded attitude to carefully complete each one works.

The reason why I am here today to participate in competition dizzy I want to put in our class and school leaders to establish a spiritual bridge between students , teachers and students to become a link, to become a real service for students , the students really love its group , while also want the ability to exercise yourself , give yourself the ability to stage a show . Compared to others , I feel more of a self-confident , because I am an unyielding man, I had a letter of responsibility and enthusiasm for our class . Of course , if I was not elected , I will, as always study hard. If I am fortunate enough to be elected , I will be realistic service for students , and students with their prime , solidarity and cooperation with the times, bold reforms , give full play our due role in our class , let it become a veritable group .


Hello English education three

if there is anyone out there still doubt that our class is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our class is alive in our time, who still questions the ability, this morning . It’ s the answer told by all girls and boys ,because they believe that this time must be different, that your voices could be that difference.

It’s the answer told by all the families, because they believe that this time must be of historical significance.

It’s the answer told by English education three.

And we are , and always will be, English education three .and we are a family. Even as we sit here this morning , there are students here waiting to change.

There will be new regulation to adhere to , new activities to do ,new alliance to build for us .

The road ahead us will be long, our climb will be steep. we may not get there in one month or even in one term. But English education three, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

It’s a time that we can built a harmonious family together , because we all have experience to enlarge our family. You have joined a lot of activities , and I have been working in the students Union for two years .what is important is that you have watched my process of my growing. My intelligence, my patience, my enthusiasm , my kindness.

It’s a time that we build a more professional family now, because we can have more chances to improve our knowledge, our communicating skills, our teaching


Yes ,English education three ,we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So let us ask ourselves ------if our family members should see the next semester; if our family members should be excellent enough to face challenges; what change will you see? What progress will you have made/ This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment.

This is our time, to put members to work more efficiently, to show our charming characteristics, to pursue our dreams, to build our harmonious and fantastic family. It’s a time for you, for you to change and meet a change.

Thank you .god bless you .and god bless the English education three.






第一, 我有当班长的经历。在小学期间两次被不同的班级班主任选上担任班长职务,其中包括在河北借读期间两个学期中的第二个学期,说明我具备这方面的能力,得到了老师的认可。

第二, 我在小学4-6年级期间担任大队委,其中六年级担任学校大队长职务。“责任心强,认真细心,公平正义,有工作热情,有大局观念,善于沟通,善于观察,敢于管理,敢于评价,有良好的语言表达能力和总结评价能力。”这是殷老师对班长的职位要求,其实这也是作为大队长工作需要具备的能力。我相信,我能够做好学校大队长的工作也完全能胜任班级班长的职务。




第三,4年级进入国旗班,当过升旗手,领操员,独立能力强,善于思考,善于沟通, 责任心强,比如放学时看到国旗没有收起来会帮着收回来;比如最后离开教室时看看教室的窗户是否关好,风扇,灯开关是否关好;上课了,黑板没有擦好,会督促值日生做或者自己去做;我见黑板布太破了,我从家里拿来一块新抹布等等,我认为责任心体现在为班级,同学,学校所做的一点点细节上。




书面表达(一): 请根据要点提示,写一篇60-80词的小短文。

要点提示: 1. 我家附近有一家名叫Star Shopping Mall购物中心;

2. 购物中心总共有六层,里面有许多店铺,如餐馆、快餐店、家电商场、书店、服装店、鞋店、体育用品商店等;

3. 购物中心早上9点开始营业,晚上10点关门;

4. 每天都有大批的顾客光临。 书面表达(二)

1. 你家附近有家超市. 又大又干净.

2. 里面的售货员非常乐于助人,对人们非常友善.

3. 货物品种繁多,价格便宜.

4. 每天都有很多人.

5. 你经常去购物,非常喜欢那里.



(59 words)








So you see I live a very healthy life. Please vote for me. Thank you!


Tom通常6:30在家吃早饭。以前他喜欢吃快餐,现在他改变了他的饮食。早饭他常常吃些牛奶,面包和鸡蛋。中午12:00,他在学校吃午饭。他常常吃一碗饭,一些肉和蔬菜。有时,他吃鱼。在晚上,他常常和他家人一起吃晚饭。现在他比以前健康了。 书面表达(六):字数60左右,不必逐字逐句翻译。

要点:1. 中秋节是中国重要的(important)节日之一。 2. 在每年的九月或十月。

3. 家庭成员回家团聚,吃团圆饭。4. 晚上赏月,听嫦娥的故事。

5. 吃月饼。月饼种类越来越多。



1.Amy今天过生日。 2.她邀请我和一些同学参加她的生日聚会。


4. Amy很高兴,并很喜欢这个礼物。 5. 我们一起唱歌、跳舞,玩得很开心.





开始日期结束日期注:√表示按时上课; ○表示请假; △表示迟到

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