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Nowadays,thanks to the reform and opening-up policy, great changes have taken place in countryside. Now let me introduce some changes in details.


Inthe past, farmers used to live in the huts which were in poor quality. Theywould be destroyed easily in the heavy storm. But nowadays, most farmers havetheir own houses and flats. Some houses are even bigger and more marvelous thanthe ones in the city.


Inthe past, farmers usually starved to death in disasters, because they hadnothing to eat. But nowadays, farmers can plant many corps to live with or sellthem. No wonder that most of them are wealthy.


Inthe past,farmerswere hardly to see the outside world, since they had to trampover the mountains if they wanted to go out. But nowadays, many high ways andtunnels have been built, so it’s convenient for them to go out. Moreover, mostfarmers also have their private cars. Therefore, they can go anywhere theylike.


Inthe past, farmers always suffered from the diseases, because there was nodoctor at all. But nowadays, many hospitals have come into being incountryside, so they can be cured in time.


Inthe past, it was difficult for children to study in countryside. Butnowadays, as there are so many schools in countryside, more and morechildren can get a better education.


Whata wonderful life in countryside. Maybe countryside will be morethriving than the city in the near future.



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